Tips and Tricks


Better letter spacing

The Inkscape interface doesn't support kerning of text by default, but it is the SVG spec, and Inkscape viewport will draw it if it's set.

To set kerning of a block of text, use the text tool and select a block of text, then hit Ctrl+Shift+X to open the XML Editor.

Once here, select the style attribute of the current object. In the textarea at the bottom, you should see a long string of text. Append ;letter-spacing:x; (where x is the amount of spacing you want) to the end of the text. Hit Set.

The text you entered will appear to disappear, but it just got reordered into the text, so look for it, and it should be there.

I recommend not minimizing or closing the window, as you'll need to reopen the editor if you do. Just move it to the side, so you can continue to edit the value until you're happy.

A good value to start with is 2, but you'll need to play around. It does accept decimal values for fine control, so bear that in mind.

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